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 Hervé Tullet!

By Hervé Tullet

Make some noise! Shout “Oh”! Whisper “oh”! Sing “Oooooooh”! Hervé Tullet’s book magically responds with dots, bubbles and bursts of color, shapes, and motion. Tullet empowers readers by letting their imaginations liberate and control the pages’ reaction. What Press Here did for touch, Say Zoop! achieves for sound. Tullet extends an irresistible invitation to readers to whisper, sing, cajole, and even shout out syllables so that they may experience the book magically respond. In this worthy and exhilarating companion to the bestselling trio launched with Press Here, Tullet’s beloved dots will have readers literally “Ooh”-ing and “Ahh”-ing out loud in a happy collective encore.

Say Zoop!


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